Roma - Electronics WORKSHOP, 21-25 September 1998



The workshop will cover all aspects of electronics for particle physics experiments, and accelerator instrumentation of general interest to users. It is continuing and expanding the scope of the former workshop on electronics for LHC and future experiments (LECC). LHC experiments will remain a focus of the meeting but a strong emphasis on R&D for future experimentation will be maintained, such as SLHC, CLIC, ILC, neutrino facilities as well as other particle and astroparticle physics experiments.

The purposes of the workshop are:

to present results and original concepts for electronic research and development relevant to experiments as well as accelerator and beam instrumentation at future facilities
to review the status of electronics for the LHC experiments
to identify and encourage common efforts for the development of electronics
to promote information exchange and collaboration in the relevant engineering and physics communities.

The main topics of the workshop will be recent research and developments in the following areas:

Electronics for Particle Detection, Triggering and Acquisition Systems
Electronics for Accelerator and Beam Instrumentation
Custom Analogue and Digital Circuits
Applications of Programmable Digital Logic
Optoelectronic Data Transfer and Control
Packaging and Interconnect Technologies
Radiation and Magnetic Tolerant Components and Systems
Production, Testing and Reliability
Power Management and Conversion
Grounding, Shielding and Cooling
Design Tools and Methods