Krakow - Electronics WORKSHOP, 11-15 September 2000



The purpose of the workshop was to review the electronics for LHC experiments and to identify areas and encourage common efforts for the development of electronics within and between the different LHC experiments and to promote collaboration in the engineering and physics communities involved in the LHC activities.

The programme of the workshop has included both invited plenary talks and parallel working groups for contributed papers, complemented by a poster session. The focus of the workshop has been research and recent development in the following topics:

Radiation and magnetic field tolerant electronics systems
Optoelectronics and data transfer systems
Detector control and real time systems
Packaging and interconnections
Electronics production and test techniques
Systems reliability and quality assurance
Hardware and embedded software maintenance
Electronics for trackers
Electronics for calorimeters
Electronics for muon detectors
Trigger electronics
Low voltage and high voltage distribution
Grounding, shielding cooling and alignment